Co-Founder, Kathy Moore, Receives OSU 2011 Green Award for Sustainability

Earlier this year, Kathy Moore, was nominated by peers for her dedication and hard work to support sustainability. Oklahoma State University recognized Kathy’s work by awarding her the 2011 Green Award for Sustainability. Ms. Moore, owns and operates Anichini – Moore Ranch and Farm, and is a co-founder of the Oklahoma Composting Council. Click here for OSU award article, scroll down the page.
Anichini-Moore Ranch and Farm is a small farm and local foods related business in Woodward, OK. They grow and direct market what they call “ecologically grown” grass fed meats and produce that are available from their farm, some farmers markets, through their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscriptions, and through the Oklahoma Food Cooperative.
Our belief is that by collaborating versus competing we can grow recycling and local foods related businesses into sustainably interdependent enterprises that grow tourism, create jobs, improve quality of life and revitalize rural economies without mining our natural resources.
Anichini-Moore are willing partners or collaborators with others believing in the multiplier effect of networking to grow receptivity to and provide education. They are member number 102 in the Food Cooperative of early adopters of locally and sustainably grown foods. And, members of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association, Chefs Collaborative, Oklahoma Composting Council, and the Oklahoma Sustainability Network. Last November, Kathy and the farm organized the first Sustainable Agriculture Field day in Woodward, OK. Scroll down the page after you Click here to learn about the event.


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