EPA WEBINAR SERIES: Reduction Food Waste Reduction & Management

Food waste is the third largest stream of waste in the U.S. after paper and yard waste. The social, economic, and environmental impacts of food waste are enormous, including increased generation of greenhouse gas, negative impacts on sanitation and health, and the loss of potential improvements in soil health and food production.

To help address these impacts, EPA Region 2 is partnering with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Solid Waste Resource Renewal Group at Rutgers University to offer a series of webinars designed to provide education on the best avenues and methods of food waste management. Generators of food waste, government representatives, and public stakeholders are encouraged to participate.

February 23: Overview of Food Waste, Climate Change Connection, and Waste Audits

March 10: Separation and Collection of Food Waste

March 17: Waste Reduction through Reuse

March 31: Composting and End-of-Life Management

April 7: Putting the Pieces Together and EPA Tools

For registration and information please visit: www.trainex.org/FoodWaste


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