Compost Bin

I’m sharing GovGab’s blog… I’ve been composting yard waste and food scraps for nearly a decade. My method, and I think using the term method is even a little too fancy, is the heap method. In essence, we have an out of view place near the garden where we dump food scraps and yard trimmings and then never think of it again. See how easy backyard composting can be?

There are, of course, more efficient methods of composting if you’re willing to put even just a little effort into it. These more efficient methods will yield better quality soil and it’ll be ready for you to use in a shorter period of time. I’m in no rush because the previous owner of my house had a few horses, so I’ve got a mountain of nice aged horse manure to fertilize my garden for many years to come.

The heap method of composting has worked well for many years, but we hit a snag: the puppy. From what I can tell, there are few things in life more enticing to a puppy than a big pile of decomposing food scraps. Not only is she eating my good compost material, I worry that there might be some people food in there that’s not so good for a dog.

So begins my quest for a new puppy-proof composting method. While I’ve been looking through the garden catalogs I’ve seen many lovely bins that you can buy and are shipped ready to assemble in your yard. But when I see a $100 price tag I wonder if this is something I can do myself and save some money. The answer is yes! There are a number of different types of compost bins you can build yourself, and they’re made from materials that are pretty easy to get. I think I’m going to keep it simple and build a wire mesh bin or maybe just a simple pallet bin. What works for you?


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