Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group Conference

January 20-23, 2010 I hope to see you at the Southern SAWG conference! The conference brings you the best in practical tools and training, along with new ideas for farming enterprises, and for developing healthy sustainable food and farming systems. Join Dr. Timothy LaSalle, CEO of the Rodale Institute, for a special pre-conference presentation where he will share compelling evidence that organic and sustainable farmers are the new heroes in the fight against global warming. Additionally, there are two important pre-conference events focused on community-based and non-governmental organizations where you can meet with managers of USDA grant programs, learn about funding opportunities, and network with sustainable agriculture and community food systems leaders from throughout the South.

 The conference includes classroom sessions, field trips, special events, and intensive courses, and a fabulous Taste of Tennessee dinner, featuring Hollis Watkins as keynote speaker.

Be sure to look me up!  I’m presenting from 4:00 to 5:30 on Saturday, January 23!  Diverting Yard and City Waste from Landfills to Farms — Waste from municipal and institutional sources can enable composting, mulching, and soil building on your farm, but it’s not always as simple as it seems. What are the advantages and the challenges of using local “waste” on your farm? What materials are easiest to compost and where can you get them? How do you avoid both contaminants and expensive equipment costs? Kathy Moore will share the results from years of composting practice on her farm, and the findings of her research using composted yard waste on garden plots. 

Happy New Year, and see you in Chattanooga! Kathy Moore, Anichini-Moore Ranch & Farm (OK).


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